El Centro Child Support Lawyer

When children are involved in family law issues, the situation can be complex and highly emotional. Issues of custody, visitation and support require the expertise of a skilled lawyer in order to arrive at an ideal outcome.

We at THE OFFICES OF THOMAS W. STOREY, APLC, have been helping clients resolve these issues for more than two decades and are committed to helping you and your loved ones do the same.

We can defend your rights if you are being sued for child support services and are able to aggressively advocate in the best interest of your children and your parental rights for custody as part of a divorce case. We are also able to work with enforcement issues, including arrears, contempt or garnishment if you are not being paid the support that you deserve.

We put a serious premium on our advocacy in protecting the rights of noncustodial parents' rights when it comes to child support. That said, we are committed to the emotional and economic well-being of you and your children in these cases and will do whatever we can to resolve these issues efficiently and effectively. When we can successfully settle these issues, we will work toward those resolutions. However, if we are forced into court, we can take our 30-plus years of litigation experience to preserve the well-being of your family.

Imperial County Child Custody Attorney

In California, custody is determined based on the rights and best interests of children. Looking toward the health, safety and welfare of each child with frequent and continuing contact with both parents, the court first aims to grant joint custody to both parents before looking at other options.

We know that these issues can be hotly contested, but we also understand that a settlement allows for creative and customized solutions. As such, we always pursue settlement as an option so that you can best serve the needs of your family. As with support, however, we are ready to go into litigation to protect your and your loved ones' interests.

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