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Family courts take domestic violence issues very seriously. When allegations of domestic violence arise during divorce proceedings, child custody may be affected, as well as other areas of an individual's life.

At the THE OFFICES OF THOMAS W. STOREY, APLC, we handle both sides of domestic violence cases. We represent those who are experiencing domestic abuse and wish to seek a restraining order for personal protection, and we also represent those whose rights are in jeopardy due to false or exaggerated claims of domestic violence.

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Restraining Orders and Domestic Disputes

It is common for domestic violence issues to arise during divorce proceedings or other contentious family law matters. When one spouse or partner accuses the other of domestic abuse or assault, a restraining order may be issued that bans the alleged aggressor from doing certain things:

  • Entering his or her home
  • Seeing his or her children
  • Carrying a firearm
  • Obtaining certain types of jobs

A restraining order is intended to protect one individual from the threat of violence or abuse by another individual. However, it is not uncommon for one party involved in a divorce to falsely accuse the other of domestic violence to seek leverage in family law proceedings. Our firm represents both individuals who are experiencing domestic violence and wish to seek a restraining order and those who wish to defend against false allegations of domestic violence.

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